Sunday, October 23, 2011

♡October♡ Favorite Purchases

Now i'm so much into flea market . So many awesome cheap stuffs !

♥ china glaze and OPI glow in the dark nail lacquer
YESYES ! GLOW IN THE DARK !!! IT REALLY GLOWS !!! i tried and tested and i was like , "OMG THIS IS CREEPY ! BUT COOL SHIT !" But is really creepy to see something glowing and moving in the dark . Now i am so excited to wear this to some night activities like halloween and night walk ! Wooooohooo ~ ─=≡Σ((( つ╹ω╹)つ And this costs me SGD10 ! ^^

And for china glaze , it is my first time trying it . i see the difference in the brush - thinner than OPI . But china glaze seems to have a nice varieties for colors to choose from and cheaper too . SGD7 for a bottle ! There's neon colors too !!! i would say china glaze can be a cheaper choice to get awesome nail colors . As for the quality , i only tested on my big toe so i can't really comment much about it . For the brush size , i don't see it as a problem cause it can be useful to do nail art like dripping and strips . it is also easier to control the amount of lacquer applying on nail .

♥ NYX nude pink lipstick
i am aware of the rave in this brand's lipstick and this just costs freaking SGD5 so what's the reason of not getting it right ? hehehe . i tried on my lips and Harmonica looks really pale . Probably i'll try it when i have eyes makeup on , cause without it , i look bad and harder to judge ! But anyhow , it is freaking SGD5 !!! So cheap that i could even collect a range of colors to match difference outfits ! But i don't think i will do so since i don't apply lipstick to school . ┐(´д`)┌

♥ Union Jack guitar double ring
Ohyeaaa another double ring to my ring collection . SGD7.90 ! Cheaper than getting else where ! i think soon i'm gonna have this flea market addiction to dig out all the cheap and chio stuffs ! (≧∇≦)

♥ Rings from capsule balls
CHOU KAWAII DESU NE ?!! Okay la ! Maybe not the Jack (from Nightmare before Christmas) ring . The expression is too much to be cute ! (●´⌓`●) Nehmind , HALLOWEEN IS COMING !!! hahahah . Of three , i like the dumbo ring best ! cause the blue is chio crystal blue ! hehehe . Cheshire cat looks like it has cock eyes . (๑>×<๑)

Alright , that's all for October . jya ~ ^^

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  1. That lipstick shade is beautiful! I think I know what color I'm getting when I go shopping for a new lipstick~

    Those rings are soooooo cute!! Though the Jack isn't cute, it's really quirky and awesome!