Thursday, October 20, 2011

♡September♡ Favorite Purchases

Uhhh ! Gonna be November soon ! This post should have been posted much earlier but i hadn't the time to do so . (●´⌓`●) But whatever , i'm still updating to have this monthly thing consistent . hehehe .

And so last month , stuffs i got are mainly from gmarket and flea . #causetheyarecheap

♡ Rilakkuma cord holder
i got this from gmarket and it was my first time purchasing. This is rather small , so it can't hold thick wires . So i used it to hold my mouse wire . it looks damn cute !

♡ Rilakkuma iphone charger cable
i got this from gmarket as well . And this was actually my purpose of shopping in gmarket as my iphone cable is turning faulty . i literally have to waste hell load of time just to get my phone connected to my labtop . (´×ω×`) This cable is rather short but it isn't a problem to me . And it costs like about SGD5 . Cheap and cute ! (●癶∀癶●)

♡ OPI Lacquers
Got these from flea market as it was damn cheap ! SGD9 for normal color lacquer whereas retail price is more than SGD20 ! See the huge difference ?! And ever since then , i was spoilt by the weekly flea that i now literally went over to check out every Friday after class . i see my money flying away ... ^[$$]^


♡ Brush Guard
Actually i've been searching for this ever since Michelle Phan introduced this in one of her videos . i think the video is about taking care of makeup brushes . And i was soooo happy when i finally found it . But till now i haven't start using ! =.=

And that's all for month of September !
jya 〜〜〜 (ο^ω^ο)

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