Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yuping's 21st

School days have been a mad rush but now i'm in the midst of my 1 week project week holiday . Holiday but isn't literally a real holiday - there's still work needed to be completed . ∏﹏∏

Oh well , boring stuff aside , and flashback to 11 days ago ! hehehehe .

That day , Yuping celebrated her 21st at Hort Park in a room called Leaf room . Travelling there was like travelling to a foreign land as we weren't familiar with the place . Eventually , we got lost ! (>艸<)We walked into the wrong area ! =.=

▲ With the birthday gal ! (*´∀`*)

▲ Group photo with clique . Not all came down .
▲ We are the Powerpuff Girls ! (*´艸`)

And did you realize we gals are all dotted ? The theme of the day was polka dots for gals and stripes for guys ! ^^

And i dotted my nails too ! hehehehe . ▼


i'm wearing my new top Chris gotten for me during her Taipei trip . ♡

▲ Braces colors : Yellow and pastel blue (but not obvious) .

And that's all for the celebration . Thanks for the invitation , babe ! ♡

Now it's time for me to brainstorm for my 21st too ! Any suggestions ? hehehe . And because i booked the chalet less than 3 months before the actual date , i didn't manage to any place of my choices . But nevertheless , the chalet i got i guess isn't that bad too ? (Details shall be kept confidential .)

Feel free to drop me any suggestions of what i can do or anywhere to get yummy food and cake . Thankiew ! ♡

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