Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Literally drop into the "box" .

But this time what i'm going to introduce is not an app that works independently on iphone itself , but work hand-in-hand with its desktop software - Dropbox .

So how this works ?

it's a website that enables you to store your files (anything !) online . But what's so good about this is :

♥ You can view your files while outside on your device (iphone/ipad/android/blackberry) .

♥ If you download its software onto your desktop , it creates a folder which you can just store your files in . It will just sync to the server on its own .

♥ Like how people share a sever in a company , you can have it too . Just create a folder inside dropbox folder and share with anyone you want ! And you can start sharing files among yourselves !

♥ Save your time trying to send/email multiple big files to your friends . You can do other things while it syncs on its own and no worries of any error in the process of sending .

♥ Accidentally deleted a file and when you realize it , you have already emptied your trash ? No worries , you can restore your file through the website .

♥ A place for your important documents . Safer than in an external disk ! Cause you won't know when your desktop or hard disk gonna crash/give you problems .

♥ When you are outside , and your friend has an important document (eg. pdf , doc , xls etc) for you , he/she can "drop" the file into the shared folder between you two and you can open the file while still being away from your desktop .

♥ Up till 8GB of storage to earn like signing up through me , you can gain extra spaces too ! (*^ω^*) hehehehe

Awesome right ? So start signing up ! (●'◡'●)ノ♥

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