Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple lips care procedure

Well , some of you guys may have already known about what i'm gonna share but nevertheless , i suppose there will still be people who hear about this for the first time . ^^

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i used to have super dry lips . Not that i did not drink enough water , even if i drink a lot , my lips will still crack ! ´꒢` And i had this habit of peeling the dry skin which is a bad thing . it may lead to ugly scar lips but i was lucky that they didn't .

Anyway , lip balms/essence are really an essential for dry lips . Having it also does not mean that you will have pretty lips . You have to apply it consistently ! Keep your lips as moist as possible . Carry it with you 24/7 ! And it really works cause i experienced it myself ! For a period of time , i was hardworking enough to apply consistently and not long after , i realize my lips are not cracking that much like before ! *\(^ ∀ ^)/*

Ever experience when lips' skin are too dry , and even after applying lip balm and you can still feel the dead skin ? Don't peel it . Visit the washroom or anywhere with tap water , wet your lips and gently rub off the dead skin with your finger . If you are at home , you can choose to use your toothbrush to exfoliate your damp lips - in circular motion up and down . But using finger to rub off is still a lazy way out . hehehehe .

So , what's the use of taking so much effort to take care of your lips when your lips are filled with deep creases/wrinkles ? i realize a lot of gals like to pout (the 'chu' lips) and some pouts for almost every of their photos . But do you know pouting creates deeper creases/wrinkles ? it is the same reasoning when people say not to frown as it will create wrinkles on your forehead . Once in a while should be alright but definitely not too often . Otherwise , you will find yourself having obvious wrinkled lips even after applying lip gloss/stick .

And that's all for lips care . Simple right ? But it all begins with yourself to work for a healthy lips or not . Of course , healthy lifestyle is important as well . ((´^ω^))

Shall end here now . Jya 〜 ♡

ps. Gals with thick lips please don't pout , it doesn't make you any prettier . Instead , it becomes a turn off . Thank you ! And i'm not aiming at anyone but saying this as a general . ^^


  1. I thought i am reading a Japanese blog~ Ur fonts are wat normally a jap blog would use...or are u a japanese?