Monday, August 29, 2011

Zoo alone !

Don't be too shock . i know it myself . Cause i seriously never thought i would be there alone too as i'm never a zoo person . Probably on average few years visit once ? And it's also located in a ulu corner of Singapore . So yea , i went there alone last Saturday for my advertising project as i needed images of elephant's feet and crocodiles (not having high hopes on this since lecturer has agreed that i use online photos) .

A rainy morning almost pushed away my decision of making a trip down plus my mum who non-stop brainwashing my mind of not to go due to the dark sky . In the end , i insisted and rushed down to zoo on the very last minute to catch the last elephant show cause that was almost my main point for the trip ! ε=ε=ε=┌┤*´д`├┘

President election polling day happening on the same day , i thought zoo would be almost empty and was even afraid zoo would be closed . But to my surprise , zoo was so packed that day . i even had to queue to get the tickets though it was already mid-noon .

Not my first time visiting zoo this year , and luckily i'm not someone who has no sense of direction , i managed to find my way , with the help of the map , in no time to the location for elephant show . FYI , it was almost starting when i arrived the zoo on cab . (((゚Д゚))) A sea of audience filling up every possible space was the first thing i notice when i arrived . "OMG ! How am i going to take photos ?!" at first but luckily , i managed to squeeze through . Actually no matter what i have to or it will defeat the purpose of me making this special trip down . And i snapped elephants' feet like a mad woman . HAHAHAHAHA Seriously ! if someone have been noticing my camera screen throughout , he/she must be thinking that i'm totally out of my mind like a pervert ! >▽<

Anyhow , i also tried to capture every possible crocodile species zoo has but apparently they were stiff like dead logs in water . Rahhhhhh ! ( ̄へ ̄)And since i paid SGD20 entrance fee (which is not cheap TωT) , i randomly strolled around zoo to make my money more worth it till sky almost turning dark . hahahahaha .

And before i left , i bought this :
With National day promotion , this costs SGD4.60 (cause Singapore's 46 years old) instead of the usual SGD9.90 ! MORE THAN 50% OFF !!!! WOOOHOOOO ~

In the shop , i was being fickle-minded that i had a hard time making a choice . Reason being that this tail looks rather stiff and i am not really a fan of the animal leopard too . So i was actually deciding this along with squirrel and white tiger's tails . What makes me in dilemma is : squirrel's tail looks like typical foxtail shape just that it looks like a mini version but at least it's hitting the safe zone ; white tiger means white tail and white gets dirty easily , sigh ! So there's basically nothing i am 100% totally for it . And fml , i kept changing my decision and in the end still carry on with my initial choice - leopard's tail . =.=

And sooooo , i'll probably hang this on my bag which i guess is the only choice i have . If i wear it on like hook it to my shorts , i think i will look like a retard with a stiff short tail . (・´艸`・)プッ

Alright , that's all for my lonely zoo trip . hahahaha . And i am actually thinking if i would actually one day travel overseas alone one day , for leisure , since i could actually visit zoo alone . Okay la , maybe traveling alone is too much , zoo is after all not located in another city or million kilometres away from my house (Singapore is small !) .

Enough of words . Jyaaaaaa ~

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  1. I haven't been able to comment until today (no idea why but I just couldn't comment on your blog :( ) but I can now!

    That elephant picture is just TOO cute! Perfect shot!

    As for the tail, though stiff, is really adorable! I would have picked the white tiger tail myself, but I am biased. lol