Friday, August 26, 2011

Sushi Etiquette

On the net i came upon this and found it interesting to share since sushi has been all the while many people's favorites . But i guess at least 90% aren't aware about its etiquette . Me neither , other than the first two 'do's .

Credit: kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi

Did you notice that the Japanese actually care for every little details ? Especially the one about using back of chopsticks when taking food from shared plate . If it was any of us , i guess we will just ignore ! This is why i like Japanese culture . So polite and respectful . i mean lazy people like us who will actually make the extra effort to be show such table courtesy ? When we are hungry , we won't even bother about table manners etc . Right ? Right ? hehehehe .

Okay , that's all for today ! Back to stressing for assignments and lacking of sleep ! Me has sad life ! Π〰Π


㎰. Fickle-minded in progress . i don't know next semester onwards to specialize in graphics or advertising . SIGH !

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