Tuesday, August 09, 2011

You are still missed

轉眼一瞬間時間飛奔離去 已經一年了

手機不停響 消息不停傳
至少醒來你還在 我們的回憶還能繼續增加
但現實不饒人 偏要我們承認 你已經早一步飛翔

因為你 我們的世界因此改變

Time flies .
Been a year since the worst nightmare we had ,
the last thing that ever crossed our mind ;
it was the day you left without any goodbyes .

Messages were spread and tears were shed ,
how much we hope this isn't a fact .
But reality chose to slap us back ,
till we know we could no long feel you real again .

Because of you , our world has changed ,
and National Day is no longer the same ,
we have learned to see life in a new aspect ,
but memories of you will never fade .

ps. English and Chinese version cause i prefer to express myself in Chinese but this is an English blog .

Even though you are no longer with us ,
but believe me , you are still deeply missed
and living in our hearts like you have never leave .

Hope you are doing well in another world
& hope to visit you soon
cause i haven't done so .

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