Sunday, August 07, 2011

Farewell to Huiyun

Finally busy gal , Huiyun , has time to date me out last Thursday (28 july) before she flies to Norway for a semester of student exchange programme ! Met up for lunch (also my breakfast and dinner XD) and OHYEAAAAA ! IT'S STRICTLY PANCAKES AGAIN ! Dined in for the second time but it was Huiyun's first time there !

▲ Maple syrup & Garlic + Herb butter !
* There's also salted , unsalted and rum + raisins to choose from for the butter !

▲ My 'Potatoes Leeking Cheese' !

If you are thinking 'where are the potatoes ?' , they are right INSIDE the pancakes ! And with the spices they added , the pancakes are sooooooo tasty !!! Totally loving it ! But after all it's still pancakes , i got sick and tired after eating 1.5 stacks !

Personally , i think it's at least better than plain pancakes (though i haven't tried their plain ones) .

▲ Her 'Chicken A La King' !

▲ Actually i posted this photo just to show off my colorful nails ! HAHAHAHA

♥ OOTD ♥
Hoodie dress from a random shop in Harajuku
Fake denim shirt from an online shop
Liz Lisa inspired bag from Cheesetoufu
Platform wedges from a random shop in Bugis Street

Camwhoring session with Huiyun ♥

And now , she is on a faraway land far from Singapore ! 7 hours difference according to her ! π∧π

Babe ! Have fun and enjoy yourself ! At the same time do take good care of yourself ! Good luck and all the best ! See ya on Skype and physically next year ! (^∀^)〳♥

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