Monday, August 01, 2011

Hair nightmare

Cause i wanted a lighter hair but in a cheaper way , i got 2 boxes of Palty Sparkling Blonde diy dye . But it was nightmare ! The color turned out sooooooo bright with my black eyebrows standing out ! Weird ttm ! Plus my mum said the dye was damn watery which results all the wasted drops on the floor and also not enough for my uber long hair . 2 box still not enough !!! =.= And so , i ended up with uneven hair color ! i think i looked like a joke too ! π꒢π

Epic photos of my funny look but much brighter IRL :

So two days later which is today , i went to a salon at Jurong East to save my hair . Actually wanted to do treatment too but i'm poor ! ´꒢` So i just did a good hair dye with a chemical as an alternative for treatment . Plus cutting off my frizzy split ends too !

Sadly , i can't dye a light color (but obviously darker than the the above color) due to my uneven hair color ! So my hair has now rewind back to the time when i had dark brown . And not cheap too !!! *heartache*

▲ Did you notice my colorful braces ?! Red , yellow and turquoise !


ps. it's so hard to smile with braces !!! >꒢<

That's all , bye bye !
& SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW ! *more nightmares* π﹏π


  1. I (personally) like your hair color when it's darker. I agree that it does make you look a lot younger! So cute! And I love how colorful you make your braces, I think you should smile and show them off more. ^^

  2. @Picasso_Esque: hehehe thanks ! i shall shine out my braces often ! ^艸^