Tuesday, August 02, 2011


On the first day , which is today , I ALREADY CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK'S 3 DAYS OFF !!! #thisisbadbutiamatypicalstudent (Monday no class , Tuesday National Day , Wednesday School's Founder's Day)

My sorta like a school girl's outfit for the first day ♥

Polka dot fake cotton denim skirt with lace from Cheesetoufu
Liz Lisa inspired messenger bag from Cheesetoufu

Under the light , my brownish hair looks more obvious ! And my classmate , Sumaiya , commented that i have slimmed down !!!! WOOOHOOOOOO ~! DAMN HAPPY ! hahahahaha ~

♥ Base color (blue) and crack polish (gray) both from TFS for my brand new academic year .

The crack is damn nice right ? And guess what ? THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER TO APPLY COMPARE TO OPI SHATTER !!! #donttrustopialready #wastedmymoney

And soooooooooooo , first day of school is so wonderful that i had FIVE HOURS to spare (basically ROT) ! Why 5 hours ? Cause our 9am lesson is nicely scheduled to start next week instead of this week and NO ONE notify us even on learning portal ! And we have another lesson at 2pm !

Actually , in fact , on alternate weeks of Tuesday we already have about 3 hours of break ! So since now no lesson means we had to rot for a longer time !

In the end , first day of school , i had about 1.5hours of class and 5 hours of break ! What a nice start ! (゠〰゠) And this semester i suppose gonna stress max but i just simply hope the process won't be sucky ! #prayinghardthatihaveanicepartnertoworkwith

*fade off with Super Junior's 5th album (Mr Simple) songs*
jya 〜

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  1. Oh! I love your nails! And yay for slimming down! That's always good to hear from others ^^ I hope this semester goes really well for you! Also, love the braces shown in your smile! So pretty! :)