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Taiwan Trip: Day 2 民族風

Seriously , i don't know what to name this post so i just anyhow but is something along the line - about Taiwan's aborigines . However , gonna be more photos than words cause i don't know what to talk about them . And i also don't really know about the different tribes and history , so i'll just shut up in case i provide wrong information .

And so , after alighting the choo-choo train , we took a long bus ride up the mountain to 太魯閣 (tai lu ge) ! The ride was creepy though it was a good weather . FYI , no vehicles are allowed to drive up if predicted bad weather cause it gonna be dangerous unless at own risk ! Roads will be closed ! Falling rocks and soil erosion etc means SURE DIE ! But upon looking out of the bus window is already scary enough , you can see how high up you were on the mountain and the road is NARROW !!! >0<

Behind story of the road (told by tour guide but i don't know how true):
Actually the road is man-made and also force-to-be-made ! Cause it was said to be dangerous to build roads but a man refused to listen and designed the roads and started building it . But the problem is everyone back then knew it's dangerous to build , if go and help out SURE DIE . So he got those prisoners who were sentenced for life and gave them a choice . If they willing to help and managed to survive till the end of the construction , they would be freed . Means no more being stuck in jail ! So they thought since they were going to die in jail why not give a try instead . Through the process , as mentioned it was a dangerous project , many died ! And the designer of the road also died even before the whole construction was completed - he was went the mountain one night to check the construction and got killed by a falling rock . The designer got a partner with him on this project , so his partner helped him to complete and see the final result which is what we see now .

Like i've mentioned , i don't know how true this is cause i can't find the exactly history about it . And i know what i typed seems so summarized . Okay la , i admit i'm not a good storyteller ! ´⦁꒢⦁` BUT BUT BUT , the fact that many died is true ! According to my google result , it says more than 200 died ! π艸π

▲ Tour guide said this spring water is cleaner and fresher than what we have cause it flows down from the mountain . #mothernature

▲ These rocks are actually fallen rocks , so you can imagine how dangerous the place can be during a bad weather .

▲ This place is famous for its coffee cause it's mixed with spring water . #iforgothowittastelikealready

▲ BLAND ! This bamboo rice 100% wasn't heated for long before being served !

㎰. bamboo rice that all heated for very very very long is damn nice !!! Cause you can totally feel the difference between got the bamboo taste or not ! i ate before that's why i know ! #iwasjusttooluckytohaveitbackthen ^艸^

But the sad thing is (i suppose most of the time) you can't choose or don't have the option to choose ! Cause they usually sell them away faster than the rice absorb the taste from bamboo . Sigh !

Enough of Mother Nature scenery (actually is all mountains) , we headed to the next location !

▲ Useless map since we gonna be heading to the theater only .

▲ Going in theater to watch aborigines' performance . ⨴﹏⨵

▲ Of the whole performance , i only like this two-poles-dance (don't know what it's called) !

And , i know photos can't describe much what they were performing , so here are 3 videos which i filmed . ^^

Actually this whole range of performance is basically just a show by the performers to tell us the different aborigines . Not by real aborigines lo ! At first i thought i'm gonna be seeing real aborigines performing (like sitting around the campfire and watch them dance #toomuchdrama) but ended up is just a show by hired performers ! The way they dance can prove so ! If is by real aborigines , you can feel their enthusiasm through their dance steps . But maybe there are still some real aborigines in the performing group .

And watching the performance was our last stop for the day ! We basically wasted a lot of time traveling on the bus ! Damn sian ! Dinner was in Park View Hotel at Hualien (花蓮) , also the hotel we stayed for the night . We had buffet ! おいしい 〜

▲ The only food snap i took ! >艸<

You are not in the wrong month/festive/in your own world/in fantasy . Correct , now is month of June ! HAHAHA . Cause my trip was during Merry Christmas period ! And now ? Already past so many calendar holidays me then start blogging about it ! >×<

The hotel is located at a ulu place , so we didn't have anywhere we can go outside the hotel . But we were told that there were many facilities to play and enjoy , so explore ourselves . Apparently , only the arcade and souvenir shop are the only place we (my family) can go to . There's actually really a lot of facilities like squash court , rock climbing , bowling , gym etc but who the hell go overseas to relax will go and exercise ?! =.=

But luckily every hotel room got wifi ! Damn shiok if not i gonna rot ! *insert whatsapp , instgram , etc* Before i end this post , i shall share a photo i snapped the next morning 6.58AM while having breakfast . ^^

▲ The sky has already brighten up at 6.58AM and the view looks pretty ! What a nice morning !

And it's time for day 3 (coming up next) ! ^^

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