Thursday, June 30, 2011


i think this app was released recently in Japan . And it works like Instagram , so i suppose Instagram has meet a competitor !

Comparing with Instagram , what's so special about Snapeee is you get to decorate your photos like プリクラ/purikura (neoprints) . And your end product will be 超可愛い !!! This app gonna be gals/gyaru's favorite ! #freepurikura

▲ There's still more when scroll down !

You can also add your own words with the given choice of fonts .

▲ See ? So many fonts to choose from !

♥ Below are what i have done and posted , 100% edited in Snapeee :

Cute right ? Cute right ? ^艸^

Like Instagram , you can follow users , comment on photos and also 'Like' the photos . But there's a slight difference for Snapee regarding the 'Like' button . Other than only a 'Like' option , there's also Great , Cute and Yummy to choose from . More elaboration rather than only 'Like' . i guess if you are too shy to comment or don't know what to comment , you can just click on the one word description/comment about the photos .

On additional note , Snapeee doesn't have any filters to choose from . So it's basically a deco social app ! #makeyourphotoslookcute (Y)

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