Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yubing's 21st

Last Sunday i got invited to attend my k2/primary school friend's 21st ! Apparently there were others primary school peeps being invited too but ended up only me and Stella were able to attend . >꒢<

♡ My OOTD !

Faux leopard fur on "♥SALAD" tee from KandyKayne
Cecil McBee drum bag from Cutie (March's gwp)
Accessories mainly from Talisman's

♡ Showing my cute baby blue nails . #sosummercolor ^艸^

Celebration was held at NSRCC (around Tanah Merah) , so i needed travel down all the way to East ! Sigh ! Why popular chalets are all located in the East ?!

Hid inside a room cause we were too shy to be in the crowded living room . So , random camwhore ! #nicewaytokilltime

♡ The category after family . hehehehehe

& cant see my cute bow ! ´⦁꒢⦁`

♡ Ultra thick birthday cake for 60 people according to Yubing but still left a big piece ! & fyi , this is chocolate & banana cake from Secret Recipe .

♡ Last photo before catching the 2nd last shuttle bus out to Tanah Merah MRT !

Thanks for inviting me , my old friend ! Seriously haven't met her for the longest time ! i suppose the last time i met her was probably the last day of primary school ? Yea , that's how long it has been ! Even the age number also swoped already (12 become 21) ! ≧艸≦

That's all ! じゃ〜

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