Monday, July 04, 2011

♡June♡ Favorite Purchases

♥ OPI Blue Shatter
Bought it during the GSS at Robinsons . i've already written my review for it , so i won't discuss it further .

♥ Decorative Eyelash
It's a Japanese brand fake eyelashes . i bought it from Suntec's Watson at about SGD$6.50 . This brand has a bigger set with 5 pairs in a box too (like Diamond lashes) but i didn't like them , so didn'y buy . And i haven't put them on , so i can't show how it looks like on me . >×<

♥ 7 Days Princess Charming Set by Love More
The packaging is simply too cute to resist . i got this at Plaza Singapura's Watson about SGD$9.50 . Actually i chose this set according to the box packaging instead of the 7 masks inside the boxes . Cause the other one is pink and even if the mask packaging is nice , end up still have to throw away . ^艸^ And i haven't try this too , so no review ! >×<

♥ Candy Watch
Only SGD5 from Bugis Street ! Cute right ? It's made of plastic hence it gives a look-like-toy-look ! And when match with causal outfits , it helps to project a fun look . This watch comes in a range of cute colors ! i am so tempted to get another color ! Either yellow or red ! hehehe . ^∀^

♥ Bling Watch
Also SGD5 from Bugis Street . But this gonna be for my casual/formal outfits or when my Candy Watch doesn't match well with my outfit . And i hope i won't be retarded when reading the time . >艸<

♥ Black studded sandals
i got this at about SGD15 from Giovanna at Bugis ! Cheap right ?! i have been searching for nice sandals and at the same time that suits me & my outfits since my last pair of sandals became spoiled . And finally i found this ! #canchoosenottowearshoesalready hahahahaha

Actually i wanna get bohemian sandals but can't find nice ones that suits me ! Sighhhhhhh .

♥ Floral Kitchen Tray
Cute right ? Cute right ? SGD2 from Plaza Singapura Daiso ! i initially wanted the mint color with white polka dots cause match my style more but the tray is designed like a box without the top . That means i die die have to squeeze all my dishes into the limited space (Daiso trays are already small to start with) , impossible to protrude slightly out of the tray like what this floral tray can .

Last but not least ,

♥ Can you see the big difference in me ?

It was basically a one day / one moment decision which i told my mum ! i even told her to quickly go find before i regret and don't want to do it already . ≧艸≦ Oh , and i'm lucky that i didn't have to extract out 4 teeth BUT it isn't confirm that i really don't have to extract . i have to wait till 6-8 months later to see how's the alignment of my teeth .

SO NOW , i have eating difficulties ! ´Д` i'm still not used to having food stuck inside my braces while munching but this isn't the worse that causes it - my teeth are feeling sour ! And sooooo , me now can't eat food that needs many many forces to chew ! it will take me forever to make that one bite ! π﹏π #sadlifewithbraces Ohya ! i ate my favorite Enokitake mushroom (金針菇) and it got stuck in my braces which made me have a hard time trying to get it off ! Very uncomfortable feeling ! π﹏π i wonder how am i going to survive the 2 years . #hopetogetusedtoitsoon

BUT I'M GONNA ENDURE & SURVIVE for the sake of having pretty set of teeth after 2 years ! & 趁機減肥 (make use of this time to lose weight) ! (^ꇴ^)∨

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