Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Prawning Experience

Finally another outing last Sunday with my darling gals after i-dont-remember-how-long ! So yea , we had a SEAFOOD DAY ! 〵(^∀^)〳

❮▲❯ Dinner at Boon Lay Place !

❮▲❯ Prawning at Jurong Hill ! Actually no difference where the location is cause it's my first time prawning !!! Not easy but shiok ! hehehe ^艸^

❮▲❯ The first prawn caught ! But it managed to escape when peng accidentally dropped the net into the water ! Cause we moved to a new location to sit , so she was trying to hook the net to the pole or whatever-that-thing-is-called again . Luckily only 1 prawn ! ^艸^

❮▲❯ (Click image to enlarge) One of the two pregnant prawns caught ! See the orangy eggs !

❮▲❯ Total 6 prawns caught ! We were so lucky that just when we were about to leave , peng/hua caught a prawn !

❮▲❯ 6 bbq salted prawns ! Hours/minutes ago still swimming in water but had ended up becoming our food ! Blame themselves for being so greedy ! >∀<

❮▲❯ With our chief of the day ! ^艸^ hehehehe

❮▲❯ (Click image to enlarge) Cooked pregnant prawn ! The eggs look glueyyyy ! ewwwwww 〜

❮▲❯ And then , home sweet home !

Bye ! ♡

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