Wednesday, May 18, 2011

♡May♡ Monthly Favorite Purchases

i always have random purchases and some of them are really worth sharing ! But i'm just too lazy to make professional reviews like many bloggers out there ! Hence , i'm gonna update monthly on my purchases . Do check out this space often ! (^ɜ^)ゞ♡

♡♥♥♥ i've been seeking for this ever since i knew the existence of such nail polish dispenser ! it's commonly seen in nail parlor ! And so yea , i finally found it available in SASA . NO MORE MESS ! ^^

㎰. The white lace sticker around the brim is pasted by me . it doesn't come with the dispenser .

♡♥♥♥ Actually i have been purchasing this nose strip from Watson for damn long already ever since Daiso "upgrade" its awesome nose strips to a useless tube . it really works !!! i always stick them around my face too other than nose and manage to remove many many (invisible) whiteheads and blackheads . Damn shiok ! ^艸^

㎰. After peeling off , must remember to close your pores !

♡♥♥♥ Gel Volume by CANMAKE was released recently . i hesitated to buy or not at first cause it's quite pricey but i'm glad i did !!! After applying layers of coats , my nails has become thicker and seriously look like gel nails ! Totally love the thickness and volume on my nails as i have thin and weak nails which chips off easily ! Best of all , it's a top coat !!! No need troublesome procedures to apply and remove like gel nails has ! & i hope it helps my nails to grow longer safely too ! ^艸^ hehehe

♡♥♥♥ i've got these at 3 for SGD20 ! Quite a good deal from Watson ! And because of these 3 , i can has chio gradient nails easily ! Seriously easy !!!

The center color (whitish silver) used as base then use one of their Colorful Nails with big glitters (i think small glitters works too but i find that small glitters are too common not worth buying) as your chosen color - either apply :
1 coat on 1/2 nail , then 1 more coat on 1/4 nails
1 coat on 3/4 nail , 1 more coat on 1/2 nails , then 1 last coat on 1/4 nails .

㎰. Actually i'm not sure if any nail polish works cause i was too amazed by the 3 for SGD20 deal ! ≧∀≦ Maybe i shall try with my FaceShop nail polish one day ! ^^

♡♥♥♥ i'm not sure about the new lash care essence if it really works wonders , but i think it does ? Cause previously i used their eye lash essence (which is the old version no longer available) and especially my lower lashes have really grown !!! And the best thing is the result miraculously shown the next morning after my first application !

㎰. Even if not growing in an obvious state , it can still be used to take care of your lashes like applying it as mascara base .


  1. etude house having the nail polish dispenser too =)

  2. @Lynn: yea, but OOS already . >x<