Saturday, January 01, 2011

Reflection on 2010

REFLECTION: 2010 has been a year filled with many of my first time , be it happy or sad moments - graduation showcase , graduation ceremony , graduation trip / overseas leisure trip with friends , clubbing at overseas , don't know what to do in life after poly , lost a friend T_____T , feel lost about school system , do assessments like mad crazy without much sleep for about a week , visit the same country twice in a year , experience winter (about 10degree) , etc...

Everything seems like a 'U' shaped graph siaaa !!! Life got me the the peak of happiness and dropped me to the bottom of sorrows and pulled me up again ! But if i could relive 2010 again , i would like to be back to the first half of the year when i still had my happiest moments .

No matter what , everything is already part of memories , part of my 2010 life , nothing can be changed . Hope my 2011 will be a better and exciting one ! Same thing goes to everyone !!! ♡

HAPPY 2011 !!!

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