Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Congrats Recruits !

"POP LO ! " was all over the facebook last Saturday ! That day was also first time attending an army event/ceremony ! Seeeee ~ They looked like tiny green ants on the grass patch especially from where we seated ! Even my super zoom camera couldn't help !

But when they were nearer , i managed to capture a video and some photos mainly on 5th COY cause there's Zhanwang , Sihao , Hweesheng and Genli in it .

▲ Group photo with the clique guys from 5th COY . Cause those from the other COY were not with us . Seto didnt want to come over while Nathan couldn't be contacted .

As the night before i ton-ed at Wenjing's house , so back to her house after POP . We went through the photos and video to spot the guys among the sea of greens - spotted Zhanwang , Sihao and Genli but no Hweesheng (cause he was standing in the first row ! =.=) . Unexpectedly , i spotted my poly classmate , Austin , too in their COY . What a small world ! Not only that , back home on facebook , i also got to know another poly year 1 classmate , Erjue , is also from 5th COY !

But that morning i didnt meet any other friends/polymate/secondarymate who POP-ed . Or else , i would have taken more photos other than with clique . No matter what ,

(^ ∀ ^)〳

★㎰. School has started . Booo days are here ! π﹏π

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