Sunday, January 16, 2011

i've got a tail !

OOTDs with furtail

(♥ ᴥ ♥)ノ「 To Wenjing's 21st Celebration (2010.12.31) 」

Outfit -
Purple long sleeve from Uniqlo , denim shorts from online ,
sling bag from 天藍小舖 (Taiwan Outlet) , DIY hair bow

(♥ ᴥ ♥)ノ「 Go cut hair & Valentino Exhibition (2011.01.09) 」

Wtf ! The outfit like no different from the previous photo . Aiya , you can think that these two photos were taken on the same day !

But got Gilfy / Jelly magazine feel hor ? >艸<

Outfit -
Black long sleeve from Neu Look , fringe boots from Taiwan ,
(denim shorts and sling bag are the same as previous photo)

(♥ ᴥ ♥)ノ「 To school (2011.01.13) 」

Outfit -
T-shirt from bugis street (1000 years ago) , denim shorts from Cotton On ,
rabbit hoodie from OB design (Spree) , high knee socks from Chinatown ,
bag pack from 天藍小舖 (Taiwan Outlet) , sneakers from 西門町

Initially i thought i got the EGG magazine look but seeing the photos longer , it reminds me more of Nicola magazine . fml !

Maybe if i should try to put on thick make up and have lighter brown hair .

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