Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 , bless me with a good year !

YO PEEPEARLS ! i'm already back on this sunny island ! i'm missing winter that super cooling weather ! Honestly cold but shiok ! >Д< Love the coldness and also winter wears ! & i also think i'm cold-blooded ! Wore thinner than others yet don't feel cold at times . Hohoho 〜

Anyhow , 2011 is coming soon !!! After today !!! But honestly , i'm not at all looking forward ! Cause new school semester is around the small corner ! (T ^ T) And another thing , i'm turning 21st this year ! Ahhhhhhh 〜 Hate getting older and now is an ugly big '2' in front !!! (T Д T)

But no matter what , facts are facts ! Nothing can be changed but face it ! Humans have sad reality ! >꒢< All we can do is do wish and hope to achieve what we want/aim for !

For my 2011 ,
♡ PEACE ! NO WAR !!! & of course , not to lose any friends/people i know . it really hurts me a lot to see a friend leaving me forever (especially knowing that no longer standing on this Earth) , so be safe at all times , my friends !

♡ Strive in my designing studies and have endless amazing inspirations ! & also hope i can find a place where i can stand strong — my strengths . Gain working experience and have good time management .

♡ Things turn out good , so i need good luck ! Don't want anymore of just made it or so-so or whatever floaty results. Not only for academic results but everything i do .

♡ Travel overseas with friends and family .

Hmm , these should be the main ones i hope to strike off by end of 2011 . (^ ∀ ^)∨ and that's should be about it ? Bye 2010 , hello 2011 !!!

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