Thursday, December 09, 2010

Simple desk storage holder

i know everyone hates messy table . Things laying everywhere , such a messy scene ! Me no like too ! But it's really hard to find a cheap and chio storage holder . Cheap ones are fugly ; chio ones costs a bomb ! FOL !

it was till i chanced upon this photo in tumblr yesterday which inspired me :

Aiya ! i know it's the pink that i hate but who cares ! i got inspired by the holder on the most left and i started to diy something similar last night .


For the first time i'm gonna share diy tutorial . Honestly , i was actually thinking of updating this in my CPJ ! FML ! So i just grabbed my iphone 4 to snap the shots . BLAME IPHONE4 CAMERA IF YOU FIND THE PHOTO QUALITY SUCKY !

★ Materials Needed
⑴ 2 snack/recycled/unwanted boxes
⑵ Glue + CHEAP Paint Brush
⑶ Double-sided tape / Scotch-tape *OPTIONAL
⑷ Cloth & any other decorating materials

Before i start , this is the glue i'm gonna use :

• Dries slower compared to the normal uhu
• Able to make further adjustment even after sticking
• Less mess

TIP : Use the cheap paint brush to apply glue ! More evenly spread !

▲ This is when you can choose to use double-sided tape OR scotch tape after gluing to to stable the piece .

▲ Use scotch tape to tape the 2 sides , so that the 3 pieces stay together well .

▲ Bigger the cloth means you can wrap the inside too . And you can ignore the edges as it will be hidden inside unless the threads come off badly , you can trying folding in .

▲ Chio and cheap cloth can be found in Chinatown (2nd level of the hawker centre) for less than 10 bucks !

▲ Chio decorating materials can be found 2 bucks at Daiso ! The lace used was gotten from Daiso ! ♡

If you think the holder you have done is too big , you can get storage divider from Daiso ! Two bucks cheap cheap ! ⤵⤵⤵

(Ignore my fugly hand , thank you !)
❝ You can break to the desired length you want but cannot regret . Even when you said "aiya ! short of two more bars !" , there is no way back unless you break from the leftover again ! ❞


Hope you like this tutorial !
And friends , don't ask me to do one for you ! ME LAZY LA !!! ≧艸≦

P.S. : Feel free to ask me if you are in doubt !

じゃね〜 ♡

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