Saturday, December 04, 2010

20th Birthday Celebration Marathon

♦ Actual is on 29th November

❝ Shared with Hua , Rachel and Irene . ❞

❝ Birthday boy's epic birthday cake ! Still got Santa Claus celebrate with him ! ^艸^ ❞

❝ Group photo !!! i think totally can start collecting CSCC's group photos ! i've got tons of them ! All the nice wonderful sweet memories ! ♡ ❞

After the celebration , some of us went to brotzeit to chill . Initially , we wanted to catch a movie but looking at the time , we gals afraid that we won't be able to catch the last train home . So plan canceled !

❝ Guys' big cup of beer and gals' 2 small cup of whiskey and volka . In the end , we gals couldn't even finish them up ! Each of us just drank few sips and didnt want more , so we passed to the guys to help us finish up . ❞

❝ The guys' pizza . Weimin commented it's super spicy , so i didnt try ! ≧∀≦ ❞

i think that night was totally a meetup for the guys to share about their army life ! The conversation just went on non-stop , from marche to outside marche to brozeit ! And we gals got outcasted ! (´ Д `)ゞ

CHRIS' BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION × ⌜Ngee Ann City's Kichi Kichi⌟

❝ it is actually like a typical steamboat session . Just that we got a choice of having a steamboat pot to ourselves each or 2 to shared within a table . ❞

❝ i suppose the only thing special is the ingredients are served on the track like Sakae Sushi buffet . But the ingredients that are traveling around seems to be about the same . Seeing the same food over and over again . Occasionally , one or two "rare" dishes but then it took like zillion years to be spotted once again . ≧Д≦ That's what i dont like ! And all the plates are served in small quantity . ❞

❝ My favorite - MUSHROOMS !!! 〵(♡ ⍵ ♡)〳 And they are the ones that took zillion years to be spotted ! .•・(´ Д `)・•. So in the end , we asked the waiter to help us order from the kitchen straight !!! SPAMMMM !!! ♡♡♡ ❞

❝ With birthday gal ! LUB CHIU DIP DIP (^ɜ^)♥♥♥♥♥♥ ❞

There's promotion going on in Kichi Kichi , so the pricing is rather affordable - less than 20 bucks each person if you meet the promotion criteria ! But the food nothing special lo ! ≧艸≦


— ♡OOTD♡ —

★ Denim vest matched with Cotton On's leather tights and lolita bow headband ! ♡

★ And my new shoes from Melissa2ks !!! ♡♡♡♡
Finally something not black to match with my outfits ! (^艸^)

❝ Side dish - Clam Chowder ! ❞

❝ Main dish - New York Fish & Chips ! ♡ i'm glad i tried something different that the usual fish & chip i would choose ! Cause New York Fish has yummylicious cheese inside ! Cheeezeeeeyyyy 〜 When you bite , you can really feel the cheese taste right inside the meat ! (♥ ∨ ♥) ❞

❝ Birthday gal ! ❞

❝ Finally a meetup with both of them ! Havent seen them for i think years already ! ❞

❝ Those are real eyelashes with thick layers of mascara ! hehehehe ♡ ❞

And because of the side dish , i can't finish up my main dish - left some fries ! But at least i managed to finish up the fish ! ≧∀≦


❝ The initial plan for celebrating at Fish & Co failed ! Cause WE WERE THE ONLY CUSTOMERS THERE !!! So the usual typical Fish & Co celebration didn't happen ! No standing on chairs facing tables of strangers and no Fish & Co version of birthday song ! ≧×≦

Anyhow , it was still a surprise for her cause we planned it by speaking in Chinese ! ^艸^ hehehe 〜 ❞

After that we didnt know what to do , we just went over back to 313 Somerset ! And guess what ? IT WAS BLOODY RAINING WITH MINI FLOOD !!! Damn shit ! There goes my new shoes !!! T____T At 313 , we stoned awhile before deciding to go Orchard Central for photo session .

❝ After visiting don't know how many times , for the first time i noticed Orchard Central has 12 levels + 2 basement levels ! ʘ艸ʘ Didnt know it's such a tall shopping mall ! But inside like got nothing much lei . To me , it looks like it has more restaurants than shopping stores .

❝ At the rooftop ! This is actually taken with the reflection of the big mirror in the toilet ! Yea , toilet at rooftop ! ❞

❝ Personally i think this is a good spot to take some self-shots . Cause in the end result , there seems to have frame within frame - the mirror reflects the group of us standing outside the toilet door . Cool right ? Next time i shall have some photoshoot with my friends there . ♥ The area is actually quite small cause there's rooftop restaurant taking up the space but still can have the feel of a rooftop garden . ❞

❝ This would have been a good on-the-go reflection shot if the wine fringe light isn't glowing so brightly . >꒢< ❞

❝ Hope you enjoy yourself , birthday gal ! ♡ ❞

So this is how i spent my last few days of November ! For the first time , so crazily , one birthday celebration after the other ! Luckily , no clashes and also , there's an end to this marathon or else i'll see a humongous hole in my pocket ! @艸@ Nevertheless , hope they enjoyed themselves ! (^ ∀ ^)〳★

♡ HAPPY 20TH !!! ♡

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