Saturday, July 03, 2010

Crying Love by OverDose

*Lyrics not available as i can't find anywhere on the net .

Remember years back when i first noticed OverDose , they were still an underground band in Taiwan trying to sell their EP which they produced themselves . Then , i wanted to listen to their single as it was also recommended by other underground bands for their lyrics in songs . But they only sell during their public performances . (╱ㄇ╲)

In the end , i got a taiwan supporter to send me the songs . The songs are really great ! DAMN ROCK ! \m/ But not metal rock la . Till now , i'm still yet sick and tired of the songs . (ミ^∀^ミ)ワ

Years later , which was just now , i found out they have actually released a EP this year (or is it just recently ?) under a company . Shockingly , OD is signed under Toro (Ex-member of boyband Energy and Typhoon)!

Anyway , 《Crying Love》 is the first song/mv i hear/watch for this new EP . it's a slow rock song . i think it has nice and comfortable melody which makes people wanna listen again , plus there is a contrast between the vocals' voices . BUT , it is an emo song ! So , beware ! hahahaha .

Oh ! Another cool thing ! They've got TWO (main) vocals in this band !

Hmmmm well , different people has different "taste" for music , so just listen for yourself ! Enjoy ! ㄟ(⌒∀⌒ミ)

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