Monday, June 28, 2010

7 years later

Unknowingly , it has been years since i last met Ayuni . i totally can't recall when was the last time i last saw her as it was much too long ago . Last Tuesday , we finally met up . Sadly , Arini and Michelle couldn't join us . Both of them are still in Australia persuading their studies . But , we have promised to meet up at year end when everyone is in Singapore . Totally can't wait for the day !

You may wonder why the 4 of us . Well , we were actually good friends when we were Secondary One . Always the 4 of us if there happened to be any groupings or such . That was the time when i was still in Siglap Secondary . Then , i transferred after Secondary One due to moving house . (ㄒ∩ㄒ) Actually as i grow older , memory starts fading , sometimes i cannot believe i was in Siglap Secondary for a year . Cause one year is really rather short . And , that was like 7 years ago . i'm glad we are still in touch 7 years later . (♡ ω ♡)

Back to topic !

That day , Ayuni wanted to get some materials from Art Friend , so we met up at Bugis . We had dinner over there too .

We chatted a lot , reminisced a lot , but the restaurant got noisier and noisier till we couldn't hear each other at times . Especially the table beside us was super noisy ! RAHHHH ~

After dinner , we brainstormed for places to camwhore . In the end , we walked over to Esplanade .

Night was short . it was time for us to go home . And yea , going home at different direction . Totally 向左走,向右走 ! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Now , i shall look forward to the day all four of us meet up ! (^ ∀ ^)


Another "international" outfit ! XD

Dress from Tokyo , Harajuku
Leggings from Taipei , Shihlin Night Market
Shoes from Bangkok (shoelaces is replaced with strip lace)
Bagpack from Taipei , Shihlin Night Market
Necklace from Singapore , Diva
Studded Bracelet from Singapore , a shop in Jurong Point *CHEAPCHEAP!*
Star Ring from Taipei , XiMenDing
Hairbow from MY DIY SKILLS !

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