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i know i have not blogged about Show Luo 羅志祥(LZX)'s concert which was held on the 22 May in Singapore Indoor Stadium , so here i am to talk about how fantastic it was . *HEHEHE*

With my usual concert buddies , Jiaying and Rachel , we met up early at Town for dinner before heading down to the concert venue . And we trained down , for our very first time . With a new station called 'Stadium' , to get there is now so much convenient and cheaper . They should have just done so long time ago !

Sakae Sushi

The queue for LZX's merchandise was damn long with numerous turning points . i was lucky to have Yijun and her friends already in the queue but still quite a distance when we arrived . By the time it was our turn , none i wanted was available . (i wanted the blue lightstick and tote bag .) In the end , i bought nothing but got a free leaflet of LZX with its back written information about his international fanclub . Rachel and Jiaying got themselves few other merchandises which were still available .

At first , i was worried that our seats were far from the stage . Unexpectedly , it was not , nearer than i expected ! (Seats we had for Amit's concert was still the best .)

Looking at the audience seats , from rather empty to packed , concert finally began ! Highness filled the air especially when LZX popped out from the bottom of stage .

☆ Note : Heavy images ahead of charming LZX to make you gals drool , so either control yourself or get a bowl . o(>∀<)o & Please DO NOT re-post any photos , or worse of all , take my credit as your credit . Thanks !

Concert started with LZX's one whole range of fast songs which i videoed them down . But i did a random screenshot of the video , mostly likely to be not in order .




Chinese folded-fan special performance

After he "sank" down the stage , the next moment , he was found walking IN FRONT of the audience singing 《戀愛達人》 ! Without thinking , fans on the ground floor all squeezed their ways towards his direction . Holy , i was up a level , far away from him .

Not only handshaking with fans , as usual in this kind of scenerio , he will get any camera phone or camera he sees and snap himself with fans in the background . But i am always NOT the lucky ones .

This time , there were two lucky ones .

After 《戀愛達人》 , he "cycled" in the air singing 《敗給你》 .

Then , a series of flashback of LZX was shown on screen from a baby photo to different stages of him in life .

These are what i managed to capture from the long slideshow .

All in all was to describe his life all along being a celebrity since he has been in this industry for 15 years and has faced many ups and downs . He faced being poor , lowest point in life , lost his father , etc . Flashback ended with a video of a young boy (Obviously was him !) playing classical drum during a (wedding ?) event . Eyes were so focus on the screen till the next moment we saw on screen was a camera closeup of LZX with a set of classical drum .

Ohmygoodness !!! i think guys who play drum has some kind of special charisma . LZX was so into it and played so hard that his drum stick actually broke ! Half-stick flew off while performing . At the end of his performance , he saluted .
    Back story of this drum performance (told in his variety show): Initially , it was not listed as one of his performance for this concert until he watched a disc by a fan during one of his events . Fan alerted him that the disc contained something important . Definitely , that was not the only disc he received from fans but that night he just felt the urge to watch it . When he watched , he started to tear as he sees his father on screen . And that was the video of him playing drum when he was a little boy . He immediately (according to him) called his company to add a new performance of him playing the drum . If this video was not shown to him , he would be seen by the piano after the slideshow .

As arranged , he played the piano next while singing 《為你寫首歌》 . 99% of the time he was back-facing me ! Rahhh~

Moving on to another "world" , he did the broadway (百老匯) performance which matches one of his latest album songs , 《爲什麽要在一起》 .

Moving on to the next song , 《I feel good》 , it was when the guest of the day - Jing Wong 黃靖倫 - popped out in the middle of his performance . From there , a scenario/"conflict" was brought up .

They started debating on whose stage it was and such . it was rather a hilarious conversation especially when LZX tried to speak English . His English is ALWAYS hilarious !

Example : When Jing said that why he could not be there since he is a Singaporean and this is his territory . And surprisingly , LZX joked that he is also a Singaporean and he stays in Orchard Road . When Jing replied he also stays in Orchard Road , LZX commented neighborhood neighborhood . Actually he meant neighbor .

Get what i mean ? *HAHAHAHA*

In the end , they just danced and sang 《蝴蝶秀》 one by one , anyhow . Jing's tempo also anyhow . After the performance , LZX formally introduced Jing which followed up by Jing's solo . He sang his latest album song , 《舊傷》 .

Another screen show again but this time is not any slideshow . it was a watch-in-3d-video of him but as two different characters - 林達浪 (Lin Da Lang) VS 薛海 (Xue Hai) . That were his roles for his latest drama , 《海派甜心》 also know as 《Hi My Sweetheart》 . He also appeared as himself , LZX . i think the video just made him look as if he has split personality .

Focus turned back to the stage where he appeared as a white prince . He sang his dramas' songs - 《愛不單行》 and 《愛轉角》 .

♡×× 《愛不單行》 《海派甜心》
♡×× 《愛轉角》 轉角*遇到愛

In his first concert , he performed songs by senior male singers like Michael Jackson and Aaron Kwok to show his respect to them . Similarly , in this concert , he performed songs by three female singers whom he respected for being good at both dancing and singing .

Photo shows his starting position . First song was 張惠妹 Zhang Hui Mei's 《火》 , followed up by 蕭亞軒 Elva Hsiao's 《閃閃惹人愛》 last but not least , 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai's 《舞娘》 .

Ahhh ~ Why 囂張 didnt danced in his concert this time ?!!! XD

If i am not wrong , photo was taken during his 《舞娘》 performance .

Blur shot BUT this one and only source i have of him doing the ribbon dance . ): it was a very short and quick dance .

Screen video was shown again . This time was a short video of him singing 《幾分》 ,

and the next thing we hear was him singing 《幾分》 .

Being welcomed by the overwhelming fire sparks .

He appeared in super outstanding outfit which looks like a gown . At the same time , to me , he resembled some famous female singers during their concerts , also like a photo i have seen in the past .

He "sank" down the stage again but this time , a clown popped out to entertain the audience .

Continuing his slow/emo songs , he "rose" up again and sat on stairs .

For his slow/emo songs , he also sang 《好朋友》 , 《搞笑》 , 《我不會唱歌》 , 《老實講》 and 《習慣就好》 but i am not very sure if any was sang before the clown appeared .

In between songs , he walked to the back of the stage and stood there . He "rose" higher and higher . If i was the one standing there , my legs sure shivers uncontrollably .

For his next appearance , his mini light bulbs on his shoulders and around his neck shined brightly in darkness .

With another blast of fire sparks , it marked another start of performance .

Lighted the stage once again and they glowed at parts in the blueish lighting . i think the outfits this time make both LZX and his dancers looked like divers . No Offence !

He gave his 'Thank You' speech which after he sang 《Cause I believe》 , earlier was known as 《幸福不滅》 . He also mentioned that he will come back again for Part 2 of concert .


With another session of screen/slideshow , and he appeared again . When the spotlight shone the stage , he was already lying down .

He did a short scenario dance . it was filled with power and anger . i guess it was a dance of survivor .

A punch in the air and he "sank" .

This concert is just like any typical concert which fans will shout "encore" when it seemed kind of ended . But it is always an act to present the encore performance . And the encore is always arranged , unlike it supposed to be some last minute performance to feed the audience full .

As the drummer gave the beats to the fans' encore , LZX "rose" again for the last time . With a loud slam on the drum , LZX started singing 《愛瘋頭》 .

Singing 《愛瘋頭》 . See the box with many rolls ? Initially i thought he was going to throw posters to the sea of audience , but luckily no ! XD

i think this is during 《Twinkle》 .

While singing , he popped this party thing which i have no idea what it is called . So those rolls (mentioned earlier) were actually this ! Anyway , 《Twinkle》 was also an encore song in his previous concert .

This action is so obvious which song he was singing then . 《撐腰》 was an expected song since it is a party song .

Finally 'Thank You' with bowing and such , together with all his dancers .

OMG !!! This was really the time to say 'byeeeeeeeee' ! And he "sank" down the stage for the last time . (ㄒ∩ㄒ)

This time round , concert ended much earlier than the previous . But i still do enjoy myself , drowning inside his beautiful vocal . And by just looking at the screen with his closeup , my heart melted . SOOO CHARMING !!!

On the overall , i think i prefer him singing slow songs . i do not know why , maybe i am just in the mood . And being contracted with the side effect of his concert , my mind was all the while filled with his slow songs .

Did i make you guys regret for not going ?
Did you have a good flashback of this wonderful concert ?

Nevertheless , let's wait for the PART TWO of concert !!! く(°∀°)っ

Camera · Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35
Edited · Color & Contrast

Please DO NOT re-post any photos online or steal my credits as yours .

i referred here to assist me in gaining my memory . A post of the concert by a fan , typed in chinese . But there is still few parts missing there .


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