Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Most pathetic chalet venue

Met up with Monica yesterday to drop by class (more like course since there were 3D students) chalet for BBQ session at Coasta Sands Resort (Sentosa) . We were rather lost in Sentosa but when we found the place , we couldn't find the entrance to get in . *Aghhh !!!* Thanks to Peng , we managed to figure our way to the resort . It was a loooooooooooong journey ! *hot sweat*

Not that i wanna grumble about the chalet but IT IS really small and pathetic ! i'm not the only one . Rix commented it's like staying in a storeroom . Austin wanted to say the f-word when he first saw the "room" and wished that there is a least a basement or what to the toilet . YES , NO TOILET ! When you need to visit the toilet , you have to walked out of the hut . There is a toilet nearby .

Luckily i didnt intend to stay , if not i don't know how the hell am i going to survive in such a small room with so many people . Plus guys were going to have mahjong session at night and there goes the only space .

No matter what , it is a KAMPONG hut !

But on the overall , i still enjoy myself especially it's a rare chance for me to sit down and chit chat with my classmates . School life is still the best ! Last of all , credits to Joseph who organized this chalet .

↑↑ My zebra BIG top finally knocked at my door this afternoon . (Bought from here)

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