Sunday, February 07, 2010

it's a bow bow world

Been feeling lazy to blog . i've gotten myself into the world of DIYs , as in DIY bows 、decorating misc stuffs . i wanna decorate my ugly stuffs into uber kawaii !

Here are just a few i've done . Actually i did more for hair holders .

The two silver+black with stud bows aren't one bow but two of different sizes . i accidentally did a ultra big bow , so i had to do a small one in order to wear out . i thought of doing bows to sell but i always end up doing for myself ! (o´д`o)=3

The NPs' intership ended on Friday . Intership gonna be bored and quiet for the coming 7 working days ? Hopefully not .

i think i have to watch trailers or read synopsis before watching a movie or else i'll lose my patience while watching the movie in theatre .

Finally gotten Dragon's belated gift - a personalize lighter casing .

i'm getting excited about going Taipei But my family seems to be planning to go before me !!! During my days in Freshmen Orientation Camp !

Application to NTU's ADM is making me O-R-Z ! No mood ~~

Count down to end of ITP :

(working) days

" i want dress up party !!! "

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