Thursday, February 11, 2010

Colors are back !

Chinese New Year eve is just the day after tomorrow . Sexcited ? Not me . All i think is only dressing up and angbaos (Of course !) .

So i gotten myself new nail polish colors from The Face Shop - the new pastels Since new pastel red is nearer to pink (and i hate pink) , i chose dark red instead . Now my nails are colorful !!! Looks so decora ~ i'll post up photo of my nails probably in the next post or with my cny post .
*Anyway 3rd nail polish from left is green not blue (refer to above photo) .

Today Nurul gave each of us a box of awesomely baked biscuits ! Too cute to be eaten !!! They were baked by her aunt . ↓↓


Oh ! & did i mention ? i'm clearing my off-in-lieu for the WHOLE of tomorrow ! But me going back school for my NAPFA test at 5.30pm . & this probably be my worse NAPFA battle !

Why ? Cause i havent been training since Internship started !!! So this battle gonna test my perseverance instead of how fit i am . @~@"(昏)

Remember to pray and cheer for me !

For Monday's dinner , i dined in IMM's HOSHI with Chris and Jeremy . ALA CARTE BUFFET !!! Food available are not only sushi but those hard to get more from Sakae's buffet !

SPAMMED FOOD !!! (邪悪な笑い)


i actually ordered this dish TWICE !!! 美味しいですね ~

Short update for now ! おやすみ ~

Countdown to end of ITP:working days

P/S★ Ohyea ! Me being too excited about the day off tomorrow , i forgot to bring home my damn logbook !!! (=0=")≈ This means i cannot update during my 4 non-working days ! Hopefully i can make it on time to let my boss do the final reading up of my updates to give me my final grade ! 頑張ってね ~

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