Sunday, January 31, 2010

AMIT Concert was a blast !!!

阿密特(AMIT)'s concert is really one not to be missed , no matter is 阿密特 or 阿妹 (Amei) . Amei is what she used to be ; AMIT is her new image to promote 原住民 . i wasnt much prepared for the concert like not listening to AMIT's songs but it was still worth attending . Seriously , her concert is one that won't regret for going but will regret for not going !

The whole concert was full of power and interactive ! i can't believe she can actually reply what the audience shouted or maybe giving feedback their horrible screams . Best of all , IT'S A LIVE ROCK CONCERT !!! ME LOVING IT TO MAX !!! Absolutely no dancers , just a live band and backing singers ! \m/

& since it's hard to describe every moment of the concert , i'll talk more on her outfits instead .

〖★〗× Lucky us got seats sooooo close the stage that we ourselves got shock too ! We were just a section of seats away from the side of the stage ! First row !!!

〖★〗× Attention-seeker-performer floated around the audience before the concert started .


〖★〗× Isn't this a beautiful opening ?

〖★〗× Outfit 1 Part 1 - Biker Jacket over leopard print low-V dress plus leggings and spikes-on-the-back heels .

〖★〗× Outfit 1 Part 2 - Added spiky headband (looks like mini version of Statue of Liberty's) and the spiky heels changed to leopard heels .

〖★〗× I love her eyes' makeup ! i think the color contact lens help alot too ! 再加烏黑的卷髮,有點洋娃娃的感覺 ~

〖★〗× Outfit 1 Part 3 - With a leopard prints cloak .

i couldn't get my eyes off her leopard-ish outfit ! Gyaru + rocker !!! Furthermore , leopard prints is the current trend (for 2010 ?) !

〖★〗× Leopard prints lightings !!!

〖★〗× This looks H-O-L-Y !

〖★〗× Outfit 2 - Red biker jacket over a sexy long top (but also not that long ) plus red spiky heels and two shades leggings .

〖★〗× Back view of her red biker jacket - a devil face !

〖★〗× Side view

〖★〗× Going high with her backing singers , guitarist and bassist .

〖★〗× One of the backing singer is from 星光大道 - 葉瑋庭 !
The guy is cute too ! Hehehe ~


〖★〗× Outfit 3 (Last Outfit of the Day) - Long big tee and the 2 shade leggings . For her shoes , cant see if is heels or boots cause the silvery thing seems to be something that wraps around her calves . And those two chains around her wrists are fake (like obviously ... ) .

Super happy that i've attended her concert ! i have been enjoying her music and her super power vocal since years back , and never thought i would actually attend her concert (even though is AMIT's concert) . But now i did ! And she rocked the Singapore Indoor Stadium's stage !!! Can you believe she's nearing 40 ?

And , by the end of the concert , i was almost deaf ! @x@

Panasonic Lumix FZ-35
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More photos : Here !

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  1. omg! love your camera!
    the pictures you took were super's as if you're sitting v v v near the stage..
    and yup! i saw that 葉瑋庭 before, on tv..haha..

    good job on your concert report :)