Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's go crazy !

Urgh ~ An ulcer is killing me like toothache whenever i chew food !!! So now i'm eating slower than ever ! it also makes me moooooody ! & i accidentally got myself a cut on Saturday , and it bleeds !!! O-R-Z ! Hopefully ulcer and cut will heal soon !

i know i havent been blogging for more than a week . Busy days are still filling up my life . Blame nature for having night time so short when we need to spend about half of the time sleeping !

i'm rather lazy to write stories about each happenings now . There are too much for me to chase up . Hence , i'll just do a quick summarized with images . &&& i suddenly lost track on how i have photoshopped for the photos earlier . As a result , this time the editing looks wierd !

*Opps ! Forgot to state dining at Ajiman was with hua .

i really need to control myself from food . They are evil !!! They are killers !!!



But i cant wait to wear them ! HEHEHE ~

Ohyea ! My last 3 photos are taken with my new camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ35) but the photos have been edited so much till it looks different from the actual . ≧▽≦

When i just thought i could visit Japan after my Graduation Show , it turns out to be a shattered dream ! All blames the freaky cold weather which causes my mum not wanting to go . So now i dont which country will i be visiting soon . i dont wanna bother already , so mafan ! Just somewhere out of the country is good enough except Malaysia !

&&& me finally have a graduation trip and i'm going !!! Taiwan with CSCC Year 3 peeps ! April 11 till 17 ! First time having a graduation trip and i'm soooo excited !!! But i cannot drop by Top Coaliation Studio to visit Chack and Dragon ! i just found out they all live in 桃園 ! Yihlin told me to ask Chack to drive over to 台北 . HAHAHAHA ~

P/S ★ I STILL HAVENT START DIY-ING !!! i'm all along diy-ing in my mind ! @.@" And i really need a new cabinet , a new space ! & Obviously 大掃除 my room too !
P/P/S ★ Chack will dance the chorus for Sorry Sorry for YihLin and me . He actually begged us to dance only the chorus instead of full version . ROFL !

Alright , time to sleep ! This week gonna be crazy ! Roadshow for work , Amei's Concert and FT Island in Singapore . Let's pray for a good and exciting week ahead ! ^__^у

Countdown to end of ITP: ⑷ weeks

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