Saturday, January 02, 2010

初めまして 2010

it's already Day 2 of 2010 - a brand new year - but it passes like just another day for me ! On the second last day of 2009 i started to fall sick and fever on the last of 2009 . Really bad ending for 2009 !

But i have been watching from drama to drama . I HAVE FINALLY COMPLETED 《原來是美男啊!》 ! OMGGG ! This drama just make me love Hongki more ! Super love his happy-go-lucky and funny attitude like a little boy ! HAHAHA . Anyway he's also not old , young like me ! ♥;(●^3^●メσ)

《原來是美男啊》 is like the combination of 《花樣男子》 & 《帥男偶像》 . i've also just completed 《小公主》 . Simple story yet meaningful . it talks about a thoughtful girl whose only father passed away leaving her alone with nothing and how she survived in the school . And the ending is like totally cool though nothing special . (o´・艸・`o)

Hahaha , i think i've been really engross with dramas ! But in 2010 , i hope i can have a happy graduation 、either get into University or land myself into a freaking cool job ! i wanna shop overseas often too !!! So , MORE CASH FLOW IN , THANK YOU ! hehehe . & i DONT WANT to fall sick already !

My dad told me his friend recommend Canon 500D for better photography . i'm considering it but before that , i wanna double check if the size isnt that big for me to carry around . And some of you may wonder why i suddenly so interested in getting such good cameras . Anyway , this isnt any sudden thing . i've actually started looking into it since year 1 when i started my photography lesson , just that i kept on and off as my parents didnt agree to get me one such expensive camera . i also dont know why suddenly agree to get me one , and help me to get opinion from his friend whom is a professional in photography .

If i really getting Canon 500D , i hope i can produce good photos out of the awesome camera ! But i still dont understand a single shit about lens !!! i dont remember my physics or anything taught by LeonChua ! (Opps!) i remember LeonChua once taught a maths calculation for lens (or something related) during my first semester in Poly , but it was too complicated for me to stay focus and understand . 囧

But one problem !

Unless i get the fucking long and heavy lens , then it will be super troublesome to bring around ! Or is there a small one for me to invest on ? (*´д`)??

(After some research ...)

This lens looks not bad but so fast get new lens meh ?! And lens are SUPER SUPER EXPENSIVE !!! HOWHOWHOWHOW ... ?

Oh crab prawn and lobster ! i think i should just continue my dramas and stop stressing about cameras for a few moments !

撒憂娜拉 ~ ♥

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