Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Watching Avatar in 3D sucks

Half-day of work on Monday due to gradbook photoshoot . i was rather dumbfounded when we were told to do one normal pose and three freestyle pose . Plus the shots were from head to waist . Luckily i wore my biker jacket + hoodie that day if not my shots will be rather "empty" . But , in the end , mind still went blank for pose to do since i cannot do big actions like two hands on waist . (≧ヘ≦) Well , cant wait to see the end product ! o(^∀^*)o

On a side note , why during my session is like so damn long ?! (ノД`)ハァ

Then , i went to catch Avatar in 3D with Grace , Bavani and Yaching . We havent met for like nearly months !

Anyway , during the movie , i was rather pissed off with the 3D specs . (My first time watching 3D movie in cinema .) it doesnt fit me well . it kept falling , making me giddy . (;≧皿≦)。゜°。ううううぅぅぅ At times , i really felt like taking it off and watch it off the screen . Totally kills my mood !

The movie is beautifully filled with awesome to max effects like fantasy . Cool yet typical storyline - hero saves the day .

The way how the movie was built can imagine how far the director has visualized about the movie . The script was written on 1994 when i was only damn 4 . And initial plan was released on 1999 after completing Tatantic . But director didnt as he needed more advanced technology to match his vision of the movie . (Read more)

In the movie , i like how the story goes about with totally alien stuffs and the creatures interact with humans . Pretty interesting ! Even caught hold of my breath at a few tense moments . If the twist and turns could be more unexpected , it will be a damn thumbs up movie ! (*´∀`*)ゞ Watashi already feels like looking up into it's production too since it looks so virtual and real at the same time . And i dont know why i'm suddenly so enthu with this movie . Earlier when lecturers made me to understand some popular movies' productions , i didnt even care to bother .

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