Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kitty Lab tomorrow

Time seems so tight now ever since ITP started . And i need to rush rush rush ! o(ノ ロㄟ)o i hate it ! it's like you wanna plan for an activity but your weekdays are almost gone for the sake of work ! RAHHHH ~!

Anyway , Chris and i have planned to visit Kitty Lab tomorrow along with Wendy and Sandy , her cousins . We actually intended to go with PAN and CHUA too but both are busy pigs now ! Worse of all , Kitty Lab is ending on this coming Sunday !!! So we chose to go without them rather than end up regret for not going ! True ? ㄟ(>∀<)っ

OKAY , so tomorrow and Thursday i have to rush off after work for Kitty Lab and SPSTAR ! (″◎﹏◎) Then do i have any rewards for being so supportive ? XD

HEHEHE~ i'm excited now ! ∖(^∀^)∕ But Yiping told me not to put high expectation on it since she heard that it wasn't that good . HMMM , shall see then ! i also went to google to read on others' experience and found that the whole event is actually like station games . And if we win , we get to design our own kitty or else the computer will help us to . Probably each station we can add one stuff on the kitty ? At the end of the whole route , we will get our almost-self-customized kitty ID card home . ♡ Plus there's also this kitty badge which i don't know if we really have to complete the round in 45 minutes in order to get it . Hopefully not ! CAUSE I WANT !!! (ミ^∀^ミ)ワ

♡ Stitch mirror ♡ kawaii desu ka ? (≥ ∀ ≤) Plus point is that the mirror does not open like usual compact mirror . This , you have to pull out the mirror from the center slot ! (>∀<)

Impulse buy ! But who cares when the item is duper cute ?! ㄟ(⌒∀⌒ミ)

Andddddddddd ...
i'll know my grade tomorrow (grading on every 4 weeks) ! PRAY HARD FOR ME ! (︶/○\︶)

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