Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy kid back from Kitty Lab

Kitty Lab was fun ! (♡ ω ♡) But i won't post about it now . There's still work later . i'll update about it soon ! Be curious of how my Kitty looks like ! ㄟ(≥ ∀ ≤)っ

Quick note
Those who don't like playing kiddy game or only have fair interest in Hello Kitty or Sanrio , i don't recommend you to go . You will most likely to think this is a waste of money or just another childish event .

Sad note
i've got a DAMN 'C' for past 4 weeks of ITP ! Actually , at times i don't know what i'm doing since those works aren't even related to my course except recording with camera . But then , all we have to do is to press on the record button . 有手指的都會按,我想連貓咪都會!╮(﹀_﹀")╭

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