Monday, November 23, 2009

Bad service !!!

Just came back not long from family dinner at White Dog Cafe which is located in VivoCity . Not my first time there , but the second , though , service was bad to maxxxxxx !!! Somehow regretted to ask my dad to dine in there . o(ノ ロㄟ)o

i was rather surprised when the waiter just placed 4 empty cups on our table with a bottle of ice water and left ! YES , LEFT ! EMPTY cups on table ! \(⊙0⊙)/ This is my first time having to do self-service for ice water in a À la carte restaurant .

▲ This is the bottle that was placed on the dining table ! And after filling up 4 cups , bottle is empty already ! @__@"

▲ My Clam Chowder came ! (^ ∀ ^)ノ

Though i didnt have to wait long for my clam chowder , but my Tendersirloin steak was like taking foreverrrrrrrr !!! Anyway , my family all ordered the same main dish .

My dad was like saying is it steak very expensive then have to go down to Giant and get them (there's a Giant supermarket in VivoCity) . Or have to wait for them to ship over (we can see the sea when viewing out of the window) .

(╯‵□′)╯︵ ┴─┴

& finally ...

After dinner , i had Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ! ♡♡♡

☆≈ My bro got me this with the tickets he and his friends won in i-dont-know-which arcade . i was kinda stun ~ i'm not used to this ! ㄟ(>∀<)っ 99% of the time we are like strangers ! if you know me , you'll understand why .

ミ✧ Before meeting my family , at the rooftop garden , this huge christmas tree is such eye-catching . i actually wanted to just walk and heck care this artificial tree but i notice the number of people trying to take photos with it , so i took a quick capture of it . SO , WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT THIS ?! (ロ__□)? Dont you see this like every year ?

Anyway , i also bought stitch mini paper clips and stitch mirror ! Maybe i shall take photos of them tomorrow . Uber cute okay ?! (≥ ∀ ≤) HEHEHE ~ Actually last week i just bought two boxes of wooden pegs from Daiso . Aiya , nevermind la , who knows one day i need tons of them ? ㄟ(⌒∀⌒ミ)

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