Monday, November 23, 2009

A pretty random post

... but they're memories and hot sweat ~ ㄟ(︶∀︶)っ

HEHEHE ~(ミ^∀^ミ)ワ Don't be too amazed by the photo ! These are the albums i have collected over the years since secondary two ! And the cabinet is flooding , the albums have stacked to the top . Hahaha , and i think the total amount of money spent on them are hundreds or maybe there're even a thousand ? (>∀<)

FACTS⒈Most of them are autographed  ⒉i have probably all 5566's albums  ⒊i could even buy double of 5566 album but of different version  ⒋Secondary 3 was my climax  ⒌Currently i'm like either Lollipop or 羅志祥 (Show)  ⒍Attended ② Live Concerts - 5566's 2nd concert and LZX's (Upcoming one is AMEI's)  ⒎Angela Chang is the one and only female singer whose autograph session i have attended (for once only)  ⒏First school concert was Tank's at Hwa Chong Insituition  ⒐First car chase experience was given to 7F  ⒑Because of 5566 , i get to know many things like media industry  ⒒i think i was crazy at first but wasn't that high after sometime (Cause 家常便飯 already)  ⒓Believe or not , i haven't seen S.H.E at all  ⒔Start to learn to visit Mediacorp because of 5566  ⒕Virgin experience to autograph session was with CHRISTINA YIN YU QI  ⒖i never like F4 before  ⒗i used to buy 傑報 and PLAY magazine , occasionally COLOR  ⒘i don't bear to sell my collections away though everytime just dump them into the cabinet after every autograph session  ⒙i can queue as early as before sunrise just for the autograph session but i'm lazy now

♡″ First autograph attended ! i still remember i was rather a noob then . o(>∀<)o

♡″ The one and only autographed album for female singer

♡″ i also have autographed album(s) which i didnt attend to get the signatures . Friend's friend helped me to get 黑Girl's autographs in Taiwan and didnt calculate extra like Coolzone did ! ♥

►► Another one was Lollipop's EP ! i got it from Coolzone and was uber expensive but then stocks at shops also came slow in Singapore and Lollipop also didnt come down for autograph session . ╮(﹀_﹀")╭

Well , i feel lazy to queue nowadays . When i think of spending money on album , i start to feel heartbreaking unless are albums which i want . Probably because , now as i grow up , things that attracts me changes . Now is fashion and beauty which also costs holes in wallet . Hehehe ! So i'm currently in the state of wanting a never-ending-shopping . (≥ ∀ ≤)

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