Saturday, October 10, 2009

You're already 19 !


Sleepy morning yet had to climb out of bed to meet my classmates to check out our ITP posting . Though i already know where i'm posted to , but at least confirm again ! And yea , TAN TOCK SENG HOSPITAL ! Probably working in the Human Resource Department ? Anyway , i'm not alone ! i've got Shalini to accompany me .

In the late afternoon , Chris , Peng and me started preparing surprises for our dear PANPAN . This time is really last minute ! But then , the surprise this time didnt lose to what we did in the past years .

► i wore my 9.90 bucks studded sandals and it's a wedges too ! ♥♥♥

We went to print our an A0 poster for her with Yansoon tagging along . YES , IT'S SIZE A0 ! Uber enormous !!!

SEE !!! So enormous that we almost had trouble carrying it around . We handled with CARE ! HAHAHA . Then off to get her birthday present before surprising her at her house . But the main reason is - we were lazy to carry the stuffs home and then to her house later . Opps !

PANPAN was surprised to see us . And of course , our special surprise for her (which is the enormous poster) .

Cool right ? Cool right ? i did the poster on Thursday , and just one day ! i just couldn't stop admiring my work . HAHAHAHAHAHA ~!

Later have to reach PAN's house at 1PM which i think i will seriously be late . Most probably due to overslept ! Anyway , it's party (BBQ) time later ! WOOOOO ~

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