Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy 19th Miss Pan

A typical BBQ session along with PLH's birthday celebration yet also like another big gathering . Aiifairies met up early at PLH's house helping her with the preparation and carrying the stuffs down to the pit . And the nuggets were so tempting that i could not help taking one after the other . (GRINS)

One after the another started arriving . As the sky turns darker , almost everyone has arrived . We did nothing other than munching more and chatting . Also , trying to get whatever BBQ food we wanted as if they were running out . But cheese toufu really ran out fast la ! Miss Pan bought so few packets !!!

The next moment , Chris , Peng , Pan's younger brother and sister , Andy and me were all filling up water bags . IT WAS TIME FOR WATER BOMB !!! PLH was the first target and was drenched in no time . Soon , everyone was targeting one another with the bucket of water and i went to stand beside Wenjing who was eating at the BBQ pit . HEHE !

Birthday cake was a sexy female body . PLH must have been envying the big boobs ! (HAHAHAHA) Well , the celebration looked wet as PLH was 100% drenched - from top to toe !

Candles were placed around the cake . Pretty obscene but PLH had to use her teeth to take away the candles .

Just before we each gotten a slice of the cake , we posed in front of the camera in groups with PLH and ended with a group photo .

That night , Chris , Peng , Hua , Andy , Yansoon and me went to Party World to sing while the rest went home . Peng and me overnight-ed at the Pan's house till morning to bus home .

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