Thursday, September 03, 2009

Meeting up then rather not

i guess FYP has come to an end unless something crops up again which i so hope that it wont happen . Finally , today i didnt have to drag myself out of bed early ! Pretty shiok ! :D

Dinnered with Chris and few secondary school peeps on Monday's evening . i really haven meet them for 8273512390803 years due to FYP ! We ate Teppanyaki ! WOOOOOOOOOO ~ And PANLIHUA WAS SUPPOSED TO COME but she didnt in the end ! Mafan lady went home to change and ended up unable to come out due to her dad's restriction .

Then we arcaded with the card we hadn't use since peng's 18th birthday !!! Fun and crazy is all i can say ! :D We actually intended to drink at hua's house void deck before going home but then we waited for peng at Outram Park first ! Everyone was already either shutdown/standby mode . Peng's "last words" for her colleague was like 901273197298163287362873527653672145367125312 years !!!

So , in the end , time was too late for hua to come out . Plan (drink at her house's void deck) was cancelled ! Peng , Chris , Sengkee and i went Jurong Point's Mac to slack before going home .

Then on tuesday , i was out with my coursemates - Yaching , Grace , Bavani and Grace . We actually wanted to cycle at East Coast Park but then it was raining over at West side and we afraid it might be raining at ECP too . So we last minute changed plan - went to Town ! ION is really humongous !!! We got almost lost ! @.@ And we got like 7 hours to waste since I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER preview was at 7.15pm !

Random shopping !

The smallest size available was L ! ):

Arcaded again at Cineleisure ! This time was more crazy cause it was more tiring ! HAHAH . But then it was still fun after all ! :D

I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER movie's storyline wasnt that attracting . At times i felt like sleeping but then at some parts it was really funny ! i was like LMAO !!! i'll not be a spoiler and go on telling about the story . Watch and rate for yourself ! HEHE .

And i finally bought hairdye - Liese Bubble Hair Color (Glossy Brown) !!! Dyed my hair yesterday ! i'm still trying to get use to my dyed hair ! For your information , this is my first time dying my whole hair !!!

(Poor 2MGP phone camera results in this poor photo quality!)

Anyway , i met up with Huiyun yesterday for dinner . We were like two zombies walking around Jurong Point ! We were pretty tired . But still , it was a nice meet up to do some catching up rather than meeting up for like once every one year / few years !

i managed to bought a wallet from Option Paradise which i have been eyeing for very long but now abit regretted . Cause after slotting in my cards , the wallet looks so like a clam ! And inside the slots for cards at the side i dont know why they must use something which seems double-sided tape to me - resulting the sides of my cards sticky ! RAHHHHHHH ~

Something random... just now in the afternoon Grace asked if wanna watch ALIEN'S IN THE ATTIC on Monday cause Mr Faizal has free preview tickets (again!) . WHEEEEEEEEEEE ~ (:

★P.S : Now i'm still working on the new blogshop . Hopefully i can announce the website soon ! :D

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