Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back in action

FYP is over ? i doubt so . It's like going on forever till i cant see its ending point . Plus , if everything goes on plan , YaChing , Weatherly and i will be spending the next two months working on video for competition . There goes my holidays !

Anyway , days now aren't that stress and tight as before already . (Cheering) Gonna enjoy as well ! Tag me out , my darlings ! :D

And byebye to Royal District ! Wenjing and I have decided to start fresh after abandoning our blogshop for months with a new name and of course , new website ! It's a secret again ! And and and , it gonna be better than before since we have more time to spare now ! Remember to support us ! :D

Alright , i know i havent update on many past events . Probably i shall find one day and summarize up the interesting events i attended like BOTY Asia Final !

WOOOOOOOOOO ~ (fly off)

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