Tuesday, September 08, 2009

i cant survive without labtop/computer

Oh gosh ! Labtop is finally silence but has come to the worse state - THE LABTOP FAN IS NOT WORKING ANYMORE !!! i rather it makes noises . Now the labtop is just non-stop heating up and also release a burning smell ! RAHHHHH ~ Now i've got no choice but to get it repair in no time before the whole labtop dies !

Alright , forget about my labtop ! Problems are never ending .

On Monday , only Yaching , Grace and i went to watch Aliens in the Attic preview . The others werent free . The preview was held at The Grand Cathay . The venue was so grand that made me feel so noob ! Concert like theatre which the curtain will drew open when advertisements start showing . And , the screen is concave !

Anyway , Aliens in the Attic isnt that bad compared to I Love You Beth Cooper . it managed to grab hold of my attention and wanting to know what is going to happen next . All i can say is watch Aliens in the Attic and not I Love You Beth Cooper !

And today i went running at Pioneer stadium ! Like so finally !!! But then stamina is really worse now ! Two rounds and i'm almost dead - giddy and felt like vomiting ! @.@ So , when i'm about halfway completed my third round , i'm already walking !!!!!!!! Worse of all , i didnt even walk till the sixth round to complete 2.4km ! Hua was the only one who ran the whole 2.4km ! Wenjing was also dying and didnt complete the last round . Hahaha . So we decided to train slowly . Like few rounds first then increase another round and so on . Hope this method works fast ! XD

090909 - Opening date of Rabbits Rebel ! WOOOOOOO ~
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