Sunday, June 07, 2009


i've been wanting to have a pretty cosy room for very long . About few months back when i start to come across those themed rooms by the Japanese (NOT THOSE TRADITION JAPANESE THEME) , each one tempted me more and more ! My mum kept telling me after what my brother graduate next is after i graduate ... ZZZ , i just hope soon ! i really cant wait . HAHA ~

Here are some of the pages from Japan magazines :
(Click on images for a larger view)

♥╳ i think is pretty cool to use those playhouse mat for room !

Kawaii right ?

And yes , i want these type of design but definitely not PINK ! i thought of having my room painted black and purple . WOOOOOO ~ Preeetty combination yo ! :D i also want to place a small coffee table in the middle of my room like what the Japanese did . But my mum like keep going against this idea ! ):

i really cant wait to have a theme room ! Cause it will be awefully prettay that i will looooove coming home and stay in my room . (But i'm already always staying inside my room . HEHE .)

HMMM , i shall end with a SUPER HARDCORE ROOM !

But is cool okay ?! ♥

Credits: 薇薇書屋

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