Saturday, June 06, 2009

Gonna do FYP this holiday

School holiday starts from today ! But i havent even complete my assignment which suppose to be submitted YESTERDAY !!! Rendering is like taking forever for just one frame/image !

i thought i could be able to submit yesterday on time yet problems just cropped up just when i almost finish rendering with about 5 computers ! My rocking chair is blinking madly !!! Damn ! Just because of this , i'm screwed !

Now gonna spend my weekends solving the problems and re-render .

Holidays arent gonna be the same . FYP is now on top task to complete . Therefore , i cannot afford to enjoy till 17 August ! But one day of break in between is alright . (: We gonna fight till the end !!! WOOOOO ~

& damn la ! Lecturers and supervisors are simply confusing us in certain ways ! Like the coming interim presentation for CG . Supervisor kept telling us how important it is and so on . But ended up Kenny Ong told Shalini and i that we dont have to present . We follow 3D schedule ! Fuck la ! Didnt they have a meeting for all supervisors ? Stop confusing us or being uncertain ! i'm sick and tired of listening to different stories !

Fine , i shall just concentrate on FYP and ignore everything !

That's my task !

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