Monday, May 04, 2009

Stay home better !

Week 3 of school , the 3rd week ever since back from holidays . i simply just feel myself becoming rotten whenever i attend school . Who says Poly is fun ? Who says lecturer not teaching is good ? How i wish i could just stay home and do FYP , simply OTOT .

Reasons :

【01】 Now i attend school JUST for the sake of the freaking attendance .

【02】 I only have a module to learn and the rest of the so-called-classes are just for us to use the labs and asking lecturers regarding FYP .

【03】 We have our own supervisors for each respective group and the lecturer will only appear on a certain day . So simply nothing to do when it's not your lecturer's day .

【04】 3 of my group mates are not from my class , and most of the time our timetable don't really meet (to have any discussion) . So we can only meet whenever we can meet - free time .

【05】 Worse when lecturers don't appear for the class , so we will be in between of should come or not for the coming weeks .

【06】 Class start late and end early - about 1 hour of talk and bye-bye .

【07】 Classmates are more like enemies than friends , the competition is there .

【08】 The class atmosphere has become quiet and tense / FYP〓Strictly Confidential

and more ...

If attendance isn't that important , i guess i would have just attend school when necessary . Plus with the Swine flu , attending school is more and more troublesome . Need to take temperature at the school gate(?) and student card must also be ready . But why can't we take temperature in class ? It's like so wierd taking at the entrance and what if there's a BIG group of students ?

Zillions Zzz .

★ Above points are just purely my point of view , it does not apply to all courses/polys . (:
☆ Restaurant City & other Facebook applications are such good ways to spend time in school . @.@

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