Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fashion is expensive but who cares

Fashion is evil , never ending temptations . i'm just simply craving for more and more even when my mum nags and closet getting packed . How i wish i got billions to spend . And i know everyone wishes too . Dont tell me you never come across that you want to get and could not get it due to the price/availability .

Singapore is just a boring town (probably surprises do happen at times) . Not many choices of designs to choose from . i'm just envy many other countries have gorgeous varieties . Simply can wear like a rockstar . That's why i prefer shopping overseas . But that's where money becomes a BIG HUGE PROBLEM ! ):

This is where online shopping enters the picture . But still must have the money ! Boos ~

Studdies are REAL COOL ! They are REAL MAN . Hahaha . But seriously , studded items are all cool and glamorous like R-O-C-K , not girly or princessy (both arent really my type XD) . Since studs have started to fall on trend , more and more gorgeous designs to choose from . But i often seen on blogshop rather than in shops lei . @.@

Zippers are on trend now too . Pretty Cool but i still prefer STUDS !
I WANT MORE STUDDY ITEMS ! :D Give me , give me !

Ah , i love MARYJANE HEELS too ! Prettay ~

Actually my mum asked me once saying something like that i love dressing up but then my future career doesnt need me too (too long ago for me to remember what she exactly asked) . TOTALLY SIAN-NESS LO ! Cause business isn't my type , if not i would have already gone for it . ): Maybe i shall go on screen and make everyone vomits blood . Hahahahah ~

Nevermind , invite me to dinners and parties (not clubbing) ! :D

On a random note , if i werent born and live in Singapore , probably in Japan , i guess i would dress like this :

Yea , cool outfit ! Actually this top looks cute ! Fuffly sleeves . (:
(Eh , actually the top-with-tie wear it with a denim shorts look casual and cute . Awww ~)

i like this too ! With the dress only actually can have a casual former look . But if only i dare to wear in Singapore . ):
* i want the white boots ! XD

Awww ~ i think i'm really craving for more pretty and cool outfits . Currently i need a heels , slippers and a backpack . And want new dresses ! But hard to find what i want in Singapore . I DONT WANT TYPICAL ONES ! XD

i think Singapore fashion sucks big time , agree ? Look at Bugis , every shop sells almost the same thing ! And when one thing hits the crowd , it become Singapore's new trend ! Everyone dresses ALMOST the same ! Tshirt , short/jeans and slippers ? No originality ! Example skinny jeans . My mum commented skinny jeans is ugly (LOL) . Singaporeans , stand on your fit ! Set your own trend , not be a follower ! However , there's still small portion who still goes trendy and unique . (:

Fashion designers , bring in more designs to Singapore please ! Save Singapore's fashion sense !

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