Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i'm not insane

i did a quick solo shopping again today at Town . i got what i initially wanted which is a scarf . And i chose the 2-sided scarf . Pretty cool to play with style . i can simply change between a sweet decent look or a rebellion punk look ! But i dont know if it's worth it , cause it costs me (freaky) $19.90 ! And to hell , i think i made a wrong move since I STILL DONT KNOW HOW TO WEAR A SCARF !!! i've already separated both into two different scarfs ... Now should be easier to wear them .

Zero degree specs tempted me too ! And i got tied up with 3 colors - black , red and purple . But in the end , i chose simple match black . i'm thinking of getting purple too ! Maybe someday . Now i'm totally in love with my new specs . SO COOL ! But of course , i'm not going to wear the normal geek way !

i'm gonna wear like this :

yes yes ? no no ?

Or just my imagination?

No way i'll wear the typical wear :

Wierdo geek ! Ewwwwww ~ i dont like !

i think this is also the first time i wear & have specs as in NORMAL specs ! HAHAHA ~ Cool yo ! (Dancing)

i'm now waiting for my freaking bangs to grow ! Real freaking bangs ! Cause my fringe is still supppppppper short ! Not yet reaches my eyes ! i wonder how long do i need to wait ...

Cause i wanna cut this fringe -

Gazette's Ruki ! I LOVE HIS FRINGE !!!
And i'm considering back and side of the hair like this photo -

Imagine both hairstyle combine together .


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