Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nearly electric shock

Yesterday was scary and guilty . All started from me trying to plug in my labtop's power plug into the socket .

Cause the socket was under the table .

i tried to feel for the hole with my power plug but failed . So i lower down my head trying to plug it in again . Trying very hard and suddenly a sparks just blasted off ! Of course i was damn shocked . My face was just probably a 12cm rule away ! i took a moment to get back from my shocking and i realised i have just caused a blackout in everyone's computers , including mine ! And everyone was doing their assignments ... (ZOMG!)


Now , i dont dare to plug in the socket anymore . SCARY !

In the afternoon , we had an ITP talk . YES , I'M GOING TO HAVE INTERNSHIP JUST BEFORE I GRADUATE LIKE A FRESH ORANGE ! From 26 October to 18 February . We have surveys and documents to submit by respective deadlines and we are also presented with presentations of different Overseas ITP package . At the same time seeing familiar faces on screen - JingQuan & WenLong . Cause they just had their ITP at Overseas .

Though all are in China but the activities sounds awesome ! Since we'll be going during the Autumn/Winter season , we'll get to Skii !!! COOL OR WHAT ?! And many other activities organised for us to enjoy . i think the percentage of working is much lesser than playing and enjoy . i pretty attracted to having Overseas ITP now ! Ha , and my dad said 你去做工還要幫你付錢 (you are going there to work but i still have to help you pay for the trip) !

i think i'm going to sign up for it ! Hopefully i'll get into the package i want (but currently havent choose which) . i simply dont want to stay in Singapore for ITP - boring ! XD

Today in school was madly over facebook because of marriage related quizes that makes the topic go hot and we were also laughing at each other's answers !

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