Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slack or Boo ?

First week of school is ending soon , and i have been rotting since day one .

Monday: So-called-lesson starts at 4pm , but ended up dragging till lecturers started to give us a talk about our FYP and timetable . And i dont know every monday to go school at 2pm or 4pm , cause 2-4pm is not a lesson . No one is going to teach ! But seriously , 4pm-6pm is a freaking late time where many students have already left for home .

Tuesday: No lecturers came . Class was also quite empty . Mr Lynus Hee didnt know he has to go class . Then Miss Jennifer didnt turn up too . So the whole morning i wasted my time with videos . i shouldn't have gone to school !

Wednesday: Awww . i've got a new course module this semester . And this also means i will have extra assignments other than FYP . ):
GEMs was quite fun . i think this gonna be another easy GEMs again since exam/test was taken out . And there's an individual and group assignment . From what i understand about our group assignment is that we have to do a business webpage . Wooooooo ~ But it takes up 60% ! @.@

Thursday: Whole morning of Motiontracking lesson . We did a very very super duper short filming for practical . Well , since it's Mr Kenny Ong again , so it's slackkkkk ~ Hahahahahha ~

Friday: i dont know what i'm going to do tomorrow . There's no lesson unless the lecturers went mad . But 8-12pm leh ! Orz ~!

Currently the timetable is just so slack for us which should state that we are allowed to not attend the CGS practical (those with lecturers' names) . it's pretty sian cause now we are just doing our pre-production and won't need to spend so much time in the lab . Waste time on traveling ! Probably can have it like on certain time is the availability of that particular lecturer , and group(s) of that lecturer-incharged can go and find him at that time . Sounds more logical ?

Next year , DDM gonna have GradShow organised by us , just like every year how it runs . On Wednesday we were asked to choose a post of our choice . Then lecturers will choose the best/suitable from the list . i chose Logistic . And something random ... We need to do our own Name Card with photo of ourselves for the GradShow . Every group gets to sell their own short film's merchandise . it's @.@ but still sounds pretty interesting . Hehehehehs .

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