Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FYP Semester is here

Back to school with my holiday mood . And i guess when i'm trap with this mood , it will last me long ! @.@ Oh well , first day of school is spent most of my time at home ! I actually intended to go school in the morning but cause my fyp mate , Shalini , is didnt go school in the morning , i decided to wait for 2pm's class . And that's not the end . i received a news from her saying that only the group of that particular lecturer has to be in school by 2pm while the rest 4pm !

Super sian la ! Fucking 4pm when majority waves goodbye to classmates and school , and i have to go school ! In class , we were given a talk by lecturers about our FYP and timetable . i think it's totally meaning to attend classes just for the sake of attendance and lecturer is also not teaching . So is totally FOR THE HOLY ATTENDANCE ! Don't you think this is seriously meaningless , plus wasting our time too ? i prefer going class OTOT and also when i needed too .

Anyway , for the whole of this semester , 2036 will be my 2nd home ! All my lessons are in 2036 except GEMs . So you now know what to do ~ Hahahahah .

P/S: My internet connection now is freaking sucks . it doesnt allow me to load youku , which means i cannot continue my 終極一家 !!! Super Orz ! ):

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